Art-Scaping works with a variety of art in all media and price points; dealing only in artwork of the highest quality.

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The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.


Commercial, Residential, Interior & Exterior Art Consultant

At Art-Scaping, we take great pride in delivering high-quality art that helps you show off your brand. As your art consultant, we source and deliver quality, unique art, and architectural product solutions. With our expertise, backed by more than 25 years of experience, we can create exceptional art schemes to compliment any interior space, enhance your brand in a compelling way, and communicate corporate culture while saving clients both time and money.

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Welcome to Art-Scaping.

We are experts in specifying and sourcing unique art and architectural product solutions to enrich commercial environments. Our expertise in art and design enables us to create exceptional art schemes that compliment your space, enhance commercial & residential environments in a compelling way and communicate your culture while saving our clients time and money. Whether you desire fine art works, unique art and architectural products or signage; we have the solution. We excel in program development, artwork selection, custom fabrication and framing, project management and professional installation.

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CREW Connector Award - CREW NETWORK, 2012

Accredited Member of the International Association of Color Consultants North America, 2018

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For more than 15 years, Art-Scaping has worked to enhance the beauty of commercial, residential, interior & exterior spaces all across Southern California with some Nationwide clients as well. Whether you're after fine art, unique art, architectural products or signage, we can deliver a solution. We excel in program development, artwork selection, custom fabrication and framing, project management, and professional installation, so we can easily add personality and style to your space.

Owner Polly Ulrich spent 20 years working in the commercial furniture industry. Any time a project was completed the space looked fantastic, but it lacked artwork and plants, leaving an empty feeling to the space. We add that final touch with a selection of beautiful corporate art and work as your commercial art consultant to mold the designs to your concept and branding. Art, signage, and colors are used to enhance your branding. Polly is also a certified color consultant, and we don't represent artists - we represent your interests as an independent contractor. Contact us at our office in Carlsbad, CA for great results at a reasonable price!

Experience: 25 years working in the commercial furnishings industry creating artful solutions for commercial environments, healthcare facilities, as well as educational and institutional environments. Expertise in assisting the architectural and design communities. Possess a strong knowledge of design sensibilities, product procurement, project management and professional installation.


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