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Polly Ulricht

Polly Ulrich Bio

Polly Ulrich is the owner and lead consultant at Art-Scaping. She has a BA in Art History and in Psychology, and she has more than 25 years of commercial furnishing experience. During that time, she created effective solutions for commercial environments, manufacturing and health care facilities, as well as for educational and institutional environments. She is proficient in assisting the architectural and design communities, and possesses a strong knowledge of design sensibilities, product procurement, project management, and professional installation.

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color ergonomics

Color Ergonomics is The Integration of COLOR and Science

As an Accredited Member of IACC-NA my interdisciplinary approach to color design seeks to create a human-centered balance among the expression of universal aesthetics, the reality of the psychological and physiological effects of color, and the presentation of personal taste. As an IACC-trained professional, I exploit both the objective and subjective experiences of color to their most purposeful advantage to practice environmental design that is not only beautiful but functional, and that strives to support the health and well-being of human beings in an architectural space.

As an  IACC professional I:
- am trained to help a client analyze and realize design goals effectively
- avoid preconceived design notions
- refrain from subjective personal design opinions

Color Ergonomics Pyramid